The Monorap ™ initially came to me as the idea of an ‘apron’. The apron that we all grew up seeing our grandmothers and mothers wearing. The apron that evokes nostalgic childhood memories as well as the role we as women play today. On the contrary, it is also the ‘apron’ that  carries a negative connotation to it; of a women being ‘barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen’.

This contrast of the traditional apron was the basis for my vision of creating a modernized well-designed element that would be functional yet chic, giving the woman wearing it a sense of style and confidence. The retake on the idea of an apron designed in the form of a Monorap™ aims to replace an old singular idea of a garment to function in an empowering way that brings pride and elegance into the lives of modern women.  My interpretation of the traditional apron is authentic, bold, distinguished and stylish. It is as distinct as the person who owns it.

The versatility of the Monorap ™ design allows for a variety of styles and configurations which talks to the lifestyle of the modern woman. She is multifaceted in the life she leads and the different functions she carries out daily, both inside and outside her home. The eye-catching design of the Monorap™ is a reminder that it is not just an apron; it is a proud declaration that women have the choice to be authentically who they are.